The key to instant recall.

One experienced real estate broker told his new agents, “It’s not just what you know that gets you listings; it’s what you can think of in time.”

The Single Greatest Reason why real estate agents cannot get all the listings they want is that they have not learned what to say for all occasions and all situations.

The Second Greatest Reasons is they cannot remember answers to objections or points they need to make under the stress of resistance by a listing prospect.

We Have a Solution:

Develop Long-Term Recall in a few minutes a day:

A Spaced Learning Strategy From

The Listing Solution Institute.

The keys to remembering everything you need to get listings from almost every motivated seller you meet are:

First, learn everything you will need to know to get good appointments.

Second, learn everything you will need to know to qualify sellers thoroughly for motivation, to make all the points you might need to convince sellers to list with you, at the right price, at the right commission, with the right showability, and to ask for the listing and have the right answers for any and all objections, and

Third, learn to use Spaced Repetition to commit that knowledge to Long Term Automatic and Instant Recall.

It may seem like a lot of work at the beginning, but the pay-off is huge:  easy, no-stress listings for life, and a business activity that is actually fun.

See Listing ‘R’ Fun.

In his sophomore year, a college student, now a successful Doctor of Chiropractic, set and reached a goal to read 50 self-help books – one a week.

 During the summer break, he discovered that he could not remember the titles of more than a few books, could not remember most of the chapter titles in any one of the books, and worse, he could not recall any of the hundreds of ideas that impressed him as important as he read each book.

For his senior year, he decided to read only two books, but read each book from cover-to-cover every month for 12 months.

Four years later, he happily reported that he could instantly recall most of the chapters in both books, but most importantly, many of the best ideas were now part of his daily living routines and business practices.

How to Remember More of What You Learn with Spaced Repetition.

Spaced Repetition is a key solution to one of the most costly challenges for listing agents; not remembering exactly what to say to answer questions, make sales points, or respond to stalls and objections when calling to make appointments, or at listing a listing interview.

Wife, to agent spouse: “How did your listing presentation go?”

Husband: “Which one — the one I intended to give … the one I stumbled through so dismally at the appointment … or the one I delivered so brilliantly to myself as I drove home?”

If you lose just one listing every month just because you couldn’t remember important things to say, and your average listing is a $7,500 commission, that failure to remember would cost you $90.000 in just one year.

In a classic understatement:

That’s a lot of money to lose over a lapse in memory”.

Your solution is called Spaced Repetition, and it may be the most powerful technique in existence for improving your brain’s ability to recall what you study and what you need to do your job well.

Our brains learn more effectively when we spread our practice over time.

You can think of learning things to say as building a brick wall; if you stack the bricks up too quickly without letting the mortar between each layer solidify, you’re not going to end up with a very good wall. Spacing your learning allows that “mental mortar” time to dry.

Once information has been acquired and the brain deems it to have met some threshold of importance, it stays stored. Recall speed and accuracy will increase through repeated practice and actual use.

By introducing time intervals between study sessions, you can remember more – even when you spend fewer actual hours memorizing.

One of the great features of our Spaced Repetition Strategy is that you can rate yourself as you learn.

As you can imagine, professional musicians can recall and play or sing several thousand tunes or songs just by hearing the title, Every single technique in our Certified Listing Expert Program – over 300 – has a unique title.

When you bring up a title on our digital flash cards, you are prompted to recite the language of that title from memory. When you click again, you see the language and gauge how well or not you have it memorized. If you couldn’t remember it, you can click ‘Again’ and the title will appear again in one minute. Try to recall the exact language from memory and check again. If you are not satisfied that you have it memorized, click ‘Again’ and the title will appear again in one minute. You can keep doing that until you have the technique memorized.

When you are satisfied that you have the techniques memorized, click ‘Good’ and the title will re-appear again in ten minutes. Meantime, you can use that time to study another technique.

When your first title appears again in ten minutes, recite the language out loud and check for accuracy. If you got it right, click ‘Good’ again and the title will pop up again in another ten minutes. When you can recite the language quickly and accurately, click ‘Easy’ and the title will appear the next day.

By contrast, techniques that were a snap to remember won’t show up for a while longer. You can quickly and easily adjust the intervals to suit your needs.

This system of rating your answers really helps you get the most out of Spaced Repetition’s two main benefits:

  • Maximizing the learning improvement through the spacing effect
  • Studying more efficiently by not wasting time on material you already know really well.

Now you can…

  • Introduce a few new terms each day
  • Study all of the day’s techniques until you get them all correct, then test yourself again the next day.
  • Each time a term is answered correctly, increase the delay until it’s tested again by a little more than double (Study 1 day later, 3 days after that, then 7 days, 16 days, etc.)
  • If a technique is answered incorrectly, start over and reset the delay for that technique to 1 day

This Long-Term Learning works great for learning since, unlike conventional university courses, there are no weekly or mid-term tests where a failing mark can affect your year-end grade. On the other hand, every listing appointment is a test, and a failing grade is a lost commission, so it’s best to set aside two hours a day for serious practice.

ALSO, the Persuasive Message Cards will be an enormous help in jogging your memory of points to make … or responses for questions … or objections.

Here at LSI our goal is to help you practice and master key listing language — and to do it as efficiently as possible. 

The bottom line is there is a lot to learn and a lot to remember, but the effort will pay off in easier and easier listings and more monthly income for the rest of your career.

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