The Certified Listing Expert Program

With the Right Tools, the Right Training, and the Right Coaching…
You Can Average TWO Or More Good Listings Every Month.

This is a 12 to 18 month program.
There is a lot to learn – people don’t become Listing Experts overnight.

We train and coach in Teams of Two because Teams of Two will give you…

  1. your best chance of listing 50 properties in 12 months …
  2. your best chances to individually earn over $150,000 in 12 to 18 months…
  3. your best chances to earn the designation as a Certified Listing Expert in 12 months…
  4. your best chance of earning your Bachelor of Listing and Master of Listing Diplomas.

As the first step, you will learn the dialogue and strategies to present the Persuasive Message Cards and the Listings in Four Minutes presentation.

As a second step, you will start learning proven responses to stalls and objections so you don’t get stopped before you get a chance to get started.

You will meet with a Facilitator at a designated training site or on Zoom for two hours each morning. The Facilitators job is to direct the training and practice sessions and keep each team focused on obtaining at least one listing a week.

  • One-half hour watching recorded video training,
  • One and one-half hour to practice scripts & presentations.
  • The rest of your days are for making and keeping appointments, and everything else.

Within the first week you will be making and going on listing appointments.
Within the first two to four weeks you will have your first listing as a Team of Two.
From the start, you and your partner will be attempting to get a listing every week.
From the start you will be trying to get listings that are priced to sell without reductions.
From the start you will be promoting the benefits of offering a 1% incentive listing commission.
Very soon, you will have the skills to get many of your listings on the first call.
At some point you will have the confidence to try for a listing a week for 8 consecutive weeks.
At another point you will have the confidence to try for a listing a day for five consecutive days.
On other occasions, you will try to list houses of twice and three times the average value.
You will learn a unique Center of Influence Strategy to get listing referrals from Family, Friends, Vendors, and satisfied clients, both buyers and sellers.
On reaching 50 listings sold and closed, you and your partner will be Certified Listing Experts.