The Listing Solution Institute has 7 Brilliant Solutions To the 7 Serious Flaws of Conventional Real Estate Training

Brilliant Solution # 1

Focus On How Sellers Will Benefit

Sellers are more willing to list when they know you have the Strategy, the Training, and the Intent, to get them FULL value … an extra $10,000 or $15,000 above average.

Brilliant Solution # 2

Focus on Logically and Emotionally Charged Words and Phrases

Every Word Counts!  The most effective salespeople habitually use the most logically and emotionally charged words and phrases.

People approach decisions making logically, but they make decisions emotionally. You help them feel confident that you are the best agent for them by using the right words and phrases.

People don’t know what you meant to say; they only heard what you did say.

Choose your words carefully. Learn to Speak with Listing Solutions.

Brilliant Solution # 3

Memorize Everything You Will Need to Say.

When your average commission is $7,500, losing one listing a month for not having the right things to say for all listing situations and occasions is costing you $90,000 a year. What good things could you do with an extra $90,000 annually?

Brilliant Solution # 4

Use Persuasive Message Cards for Visual Reinforcement.

Most people make decisions based on what they see as well as what they hear; many people need visual confirmation to buy into an idea.

Printed Persuasive Messages can be the Conversation Starters and Conversation Advancer of important selling points.

Having something to show often gives agents the opportunity and courage to bring up difficult or complex topics.

Printed words validate spoken words. Words in print are more credible than words spoken.

Brilliant Solution # 5

Jerry Bresser’s Listing Skills Evaluation System

Helps agents Practice ‘til Automatic

Allows agents and coaches to measure skill development & presentation quality.

Helps agents become Listing Experts

It’s not only what you know that counts; it’s also what you can think of and react with in time.

Untrained agents can’t think of what to say; good agents can think of something to say; experts can react with the right things to say.

When your average commission for listings that sell is $7,500, losing one listing a month for not remembering right things to say for all listing situations and occasions is costing you another $90,000 a year. What good things could you do with an extra $180,000 annually?

Brilliant Solution # 6

Learn And Work As Team Of Two.

A $3,750 commission earned once a week is twice as much total income than one $7,500 commission earned once a month.

Teams of Two will produce twice as many listings, and therefore twice as many commissions as the sum-total of their individual efforts. That will result in twice the income for each team member. What’s not to like about working as a Team of Two?

Brilliant Solution # 7

Be ‘Brilliantly Spontaneous’ By Using Canned Words and Phrases

When you know enough words, you can spontaneously select the right words to say when you want to say something.

A musician plays piano and sings nightly at an upscale restaurant.

The musician knows two thousand songs. Each song is memorized perfectly. Every night he or she can spontaneously respond to requests, or play and sing some tune or song that fits the occasion, but every single tune is practiced until perfect …in other words: ‘canned’. Individual songs are ‘canned’; the performance never is.

It’s the same thing with sets of listing words or phrases, or entire presentations.

When you have enough choices, the right choice will pop into your mind.

You will be more effective when you ‘Wing It’ Using Canned Words and Phrases

You will be more effective when you Shoot From The Hip’ using Canned Words and Phrases.

Learn everything — ‘Can’ everything — Speak spontaneously.

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