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Table of Contents:

Listing Gym Cards (language with visuals)
Listing Gym Decks (language without visuals)
Listing Gym Audio Series (Listen and Learn)

How to Get Full Benefit from the Listing Gym™

Exercising at a gym for one day will not do much for your physical fitness, but regular workouts for one year can bring amazing results.

It will be the same with The Listing Gym.

You will be amazed at how easy it can be to get multiple listings every month, or even every week, when you when you get into the habit of practicing the right words for every listing situation.

The Listing Gym is open 24/7 to registered members only.

Access is by a password. All language and titles are copyrighted. Please do not share passwords.

How to Use the Listing Gym

  • All-Flash Cards are in Decks by Topic.
  • Select a Flash Card Deck from the Table of Contents.
  • Click on the first card (or card of your choice.)
  • Try to recall the exact Content from the Title only.
  • Press +symbol to see Content. Memorize content.
  • Press – symbol to hide content and say content from memory.
  • Press+ to check accuracy.
  • Repeat until Fluent and Confident.
  • Proceed to the next Title.
  • Review frequently.

Every Word Counts

‘Good enough is not good enough

Practice does not make perfect:

Perfect practice make perfect.  Experts make practice a priority.

Hints to get your career off to a fast start.

Memorize the Centers of influence deck and the Sellers Win Big deck first.

As you will notice, partway through the Center of Influence presentation, you make a sample Sellers Win Big Presentation.

As soon as possible start contacting family, friends, neighbors, local vendors, local tradespeople, and people in your ‘farm’ or primary listing area to invite them to be on your team of enters of Influence.

Every time you tell a friend the Sellers Win Big strategy, you are rehearsing for a real listing opportunity.

Additionally, when a Center of Influence gives you a pretend objection, find the answer in the Stalls & Objections deck and memorize the response so you will be ready when a real listing prospect gives you that same objection.