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Our Story...

Since the dawn of the real estate brokerage business in 1855, over 80% of real estate agents have failed to enjoy successful careers in real estate. The Listing Solution Institute was founded on the premise that, with the right vidual aid tools, the right, training,enough practice and the coaching, and leadership, 80% of all new agents can survive and enjoy respectable careers. When sellers agree to list, they do so with the rightful expectations that the agents who represent them know how to get full value for their properties. Your membership in The Listing Solution Institute, is a statement that you are personally committed to getting the advanced listing skills you need to give your clients their best chances for getting full values.

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About Our Name...

The Listing Solution Institute was so named because:
  1. Home Owners want full value when they sell their properties.
  2. Agents want more and better listings.
  3. Companies want more productive agents and greater market share.
The Listing Solution Institute has those solutions.

Seller Benefits:

Get full value for their properties.

Agent Benefits:

Get more and better listings!

Broker Benefits:

Gain Market Share!


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