A good place to start getting more and better listings …

Is to arm yourself with Persuasive Message Cards.

Just as you can entertain a child, who cannot read, by showing pages in a child’s story book and explaining the pictures that support the story, you can use Persuasive Message Cards to both entertain and instruct a home owner – your listing prospects.

  • When you have the right visual tools to show,
  • And can say right listing words,
  • In the right way,
  • at the right time,
  • To the right people (motivated sellers),
  • And with the right intentions,
  • You can get all the listings you want,  Anywhere … any time.

The Right Intentions are always: To Help your sellers get FULL Value.

Persuasive Message cards can be Conversation Starter or Conversation Advancers. Just a few Persuasive Message Cards can lead to a good listing… or a better priced listing… or a full commission listing.

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Many REALTORS® Say They’re Prepared for Second Wave

Real estate, like many other industries, was forced to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic, from changing home tour procedures to embracing virtual or socially distant closings. Now some cities and states are reversing their reopening plans as coronavirus cases surge—but many real estate professionals say they’re better prepared for the impact on their business.

Nineteen percent of REALTORS® say they’re “very prepared” for a second wave of COVID-19 cases, and 39% say they’re “somewhat prepared,” according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ Market Recovery Survey, which is based on responses from about 2,300 members. Of those who believe there might be a second wave, 30% say they feel more prepared because they have a better idea of what to expect. Twenty-seven percent of REALTORS® say they’re concerned enough about the ongoing threat of the coronavirus that they have shifted their business practices to better prepare.

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