"Jerry, You have absolutely great product.

Since I received The Binder with the Cards, I had a chance to go to 2 listing presentations, and both of them I list.

The Listing Solution Binder with Cards, made me feel more Confident, I had No Worries what to say, The Cards sell themselves, makes you truly different among Real Estate Community. 

With Cards, it is like a Cheat sheet in front of you.

I would highly recommend to use this product."

            Boris Barayev


Your [Sellers WIN BIG Strategy] is the greatest advancement for listing since the introduction of the MLS. Now, I can look sellers in the eyes and truthfully offer them their best chance of selling  at 5% above average." 

George Allen


Chip Morrison Sr. — 5 stars *****

“This man changed my life. He took me from a nobody to a significant somebody in real estate. I high endorse him and his language techniques. Though I took his program back in the mid 70’s, his material still works today. His pricing strategy cannot be improved. Love ya, Jerry!”




Michael Scholtz — 5 stars *****

“I first met Jerry Bresser at a “Stalls and Objections” seminar in 1975. In that seminar he demonstrated his flexible language for listing and selling real estate. I knew a good thing when it was shown to me and I immediately enrolled in his training!! I started earning money, before I had completed the course!! I have never looked back and I have earned millions of dollars in real estate fees since I took the course!! I still use the techniques today and they work just as well as they did in 1975! In addition, Jerry is constantly tuning and updating the training for an every changing marketplace. This is the finest real estate sales training available, anywhere, at any price!!!”


Bill Higgins — 5 stars *****

“No matter how long you’ve been in real estate, Jerry’s language will get you more listings and more sales.” Bill Higgins CCIM, CPM


George Allen — 5 stars *****

Your [Sellers WIN BIG Strategy] is the greatest advancement for listing since the introduction of the MLS. Now, I can look sellers in the eyes and truthfully offer them their best chance of selling  at 5% above average." 



Dave Booz — 5 stars *****

“Jerry’s training and coaching program is excellent. In the nine years I’ve been selling real estate I’ve participated in a number of training programs by some of the biggest names in the business… and Jerry’s is top notch. His words are relevant, his interview strategy is sound and his listing presentation cuts right to the core of client concerns: selling their home for more money and in less time. I’m sold!


Ian Beattie — 5 stars *****

“Jerry’s language is powerful, effective, makes sense, makes money, is sensible and stands the test of time. Like a pilot or a surgeon who has to memorize the “checklist” anyone who wants to excel with greater ease needs to memorize how to communicate.”


Harold Reed — 5 stars *****

“Jerry understands the power of the spoken word and even more has the power to teach with clarity, and business wisdom. Learning with Jerry Bresser is logical and understandable. Be prepared for positive results with his language and your clients.”


Karen Amos — 5 stars *****

“I attended one of Jerry’s week long courses. Once I learned the verbiage and had an answer for most questions my career took right off. I have been in Real Estate 27 years and still use some of his training. My daughters have now joined me and they are using it too. Time to take a new course now!”


Randy Meek — 5 stars *****

“When it comes to listings, Jerry is the guy who can teach you how to get them and get them priced right. Once you learn his technique you will use his tools for your entire career.” Randy Meek, Associate Broker, RE/MAX Platinum.


Mike Stott — 5 stars *****

“Jerry knows what to say, how to say it and when to say it – using his language flat out gives you an advantage in a sales situation!”



Frank Fidell — 5 stars *****

“First discovered Jerry in 1986 when I was just beginning my real estate career. I’ve used Jerry’s principles throughout my career. I find that the principles he lays out in his book ‘List More, Sell More’, still work today.”


Linda Mckissack — 5 stars *****

“Jerry has great materials. I have used his tools and recommended his material to thousands of attendees in my classes.”


Bob Leibold — 5 stars *****

“If you want to be the BEST in your field you must take Jerry Bresser’s program. Jerry trained all of our agents every year. We had 15 Offices and over 500 agents. I introduced Jerry to many companies in our town. He is a True Professional.”


Robert Neal — 5 stars *****

“Jerry Bresser has been an inspiration and great help to me through the years. I have made many sales as a result of his real estate training and advice.”


 Tim Polanik — 5 stars *****

 “Jerry Is a Legend! I bought his material my first year and it’s helped me stay in this business. ‘8 ball, side pocket!’ I’ve done webinars with him and have all his videos and CDs and books. I can’t thank him enough!”



Steve Quinn — 5 stars *****

“As soon as I learned Jerry's four step qualifying procedure, I felt like a professional. Jerry’s scripts and lessons give agents a fundamental advantage over their competition. Knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it gives you an edge that builds confidence and income. Many long careers in real estate are rooted in Jerry’s system.”


Robert Taylor — 5 stars *****

“Jerry really knows salesmanship and the power of the proven script, well presented. He is one of the very few who addresses the bottom line profits of his students. My deepest pleasure to highly recommend Jerry Bresser.”


Wayne Kahn — 5 stars *****

I have been in real estate for almost 25 years (1989) as a ‘Top 100’ sales rep. for Re/Max in Toronto, Canada. When I started in real estate I lived and breathed the teachings of Jerry Bresser. In fact, most of the dialogue I use with clients originated with Jerry. In my humble opinion, no other sales trainer has an approach and language that compares to Mr. Bresser. I owe my entire career to Jerry. Jerry, thanks for being the backbone of a successful and prosperous career in real estate… mine!!


 Ross Webley — 5 stars *****

Jerry was instrumental in increasing my production as a sales person. His listing course at the time gave me the scripts and a listing presentation that helped me to become a top agent.”


 Jack Christenson — 5 stars *****

Jerry is exceptionally talented; excellent motivational skills.”

Stuart Lucker — 5 stars *****

“I just started into my 3rd career as a real estate agent – My brother is the broker and he recommended that I get Jerry’s CD’s. I listen to them over and over again as I get something new out each time. Jerry is a fantastic coach – I have found the material inspirational. All agents would benefit from his materials – but I would especially recommend it to newer agents. Jerry has been doing this for decades and he really has helped me to develop my style as well as to give great guidance on how to start into this new career!”


Norm Biller — 5 stars *****

“Before I met Jerry I was frustrated, because I often knew my client or prospect needed to make a specific decision, but I didn’t know how to help them understand the benefits of making that decision. Now I can explain it clearly, and my clients are making better decisions, and they’re enjoying the benefits. And I’m enjoying the benefits, too: Smoother transactions with happy clients who recommend me to their friends.” 

(Norm earned $6,100 from one twice-expired listing that he sold at full price in one week.  The delighted sellers referred their friends and relatives, from which he earned an additional $61,000 over the next two years.)



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