The Listing Solution Institute was founded on five realities...

    1. There is almost always a 10% difference between the lowest selling price and the highest selling price of any ten properties that should have sold for the same price.
    2. Decisions made by sellers when listing, or not listing, will cause the sellers to lose $30,000 ... or to gain $30,000 ...  when the average value of their property is in the $300,000 price range.
    3. When people do the average things, they get average results --- which means sellers lose $15,000 of potential gain when their properties sell at average prices.
    4. With the right training, coaching, and tools, any agent who desires to provide above-average service can learn the special strategies that will help their sellers reach the right decisions and sell at above average prices.



Sellers Enjoy Full Value
Agents Reach Full Potential
Brokers Gain Market Share

About our name: The Listing Solution Institute was so named because, 1, Home Owners  want full value when they sell their properties, --  2, Agents want more and better listings, -- and 3, Companies want more productive agents and greater market share. The Listing Solution Institute has those solutions. 


About Jerry Bresser

An internationally recognized author and authority on professional real estate listing, Jerry Bresser has been teaching and coaching agents advanced listing strategies and dialogue for over 45 years.


In 1960, after getting advice from Ben Feldman, a life insurance salesman who had sold forty times more insurance than the average agent and earned forty times more commission than average, Jerry began seeking out top producing real estate  agents throughout the USA and Canada, asking what they said to be successful at listing, and then teaching new and experienced  agents all of the many great selling points and effective presentations used by those top agents  to win more and better listings.


"I talked to over 2,000 agents in seven years" Jerry says, "and I never asked anyone what they did, only what they said"


For 20 years Jerry was a popular featured speaker at annual conventions or special training sessions promoted by NAR, CREA, and many State and Provincial Realtor Associations, plus Boards of Realtors and large brokerage companies.


Twelve companies made Jerry's Advanced Listing Course a requirement and saw their transaction sides-per-agent grow from under 10  to over 33 annually.


Along the way, he earned the designation as a "Certified Speaking Professional" by the National Speakers Association, and published his famous book List More, Sell More, which many agents acclaim is "The Most Effective Listing & Selling System in North America."


Discontented with the on-going reality that 80% of new agents do not survive, that annual industry statistics continue to show an  average 7 to 8 sides-per-agent, and encouraged by the memory of 12 companies reaching 33 sides per agent using his training material and methods, Jerry developed the Certified Listing Expert Coaching Program, which, he says, will allow select companies to have the majority of new agents survive, and most under-performing experienced agents substantially increase their personal production.

Jerry, and his wife, Jean, reside in Michigan. 

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