Listing Supremacy for [Your Company]

 Real estate companies can most quickly increase their listing market shares

by enrolling their agents in the LSI Certified Listing Expert Coaching Program.



The Single Greatest Reason why agents fail to list enough properties to survive, or to reach the listing goals they desire, is simply that they have not learned ‘What To Say’ for all situations related to listing.

  • They do not know what to say to secure good listing appointments.
  • They do not know what to say to convince sellers to list with them.
  • They do not know what to say to guide sellers to list at the right prices ... or commissions.
  • They do not know what to say when faced with stalls and objections.
  • They do not know how to adapt to the many different personalities and decision styles encountered.
  • And because they do not know what to say for all occasions, many don’t even try.


Tradition vs. A Better Way.

In Traditional Training, new agents are taught how brokerage works, rules, regulations,  but not What To Say to get listings or make sales.



Traditional training efforts have not addressed the real problems:


  • What to say is not identified as unique units – like a song or poem or famous speech.
  • What to say is not organized or categorized.
  • Agents are not required to memorize individual scripts or dialogues.
  • Agents are not tested for ability to perform with accuracy or credibility.
  • Giving agents random listing suggestions and one-liners, or exposing them to listing webinars and seminars, or even giving agents written language and a demonstration of how to use it is still not the right solution. Until agents have completely memorized all the What-to-Say language they need qualify as Listing Experts, they will continue to fall short of their listing production objectives.


The obvious solution is to: 1) teach them what to say for all occasions and all situations ... 2) have them practice till they get it right every time ... and 3) Coach them until they qualify as Listing Experts.




The second Greatest Reason why most new agents fail to get enough listings to survive is ... new agents are expected to go solo ... to go it alone.


Traditionally, real estate agents have worked solo.

That is a big part of the reason why 80% fail.


Even after a full week of classroom training and practice in saying the right things to get to listings, most new agents are still apprehensive about getting started. Venturing into new situations with unknown outcomes is a scary thing for most people.




Extroverts are more likely to beat the bushes, knock doors, and get face-to-face with sellers. Extroverts may have ‘the gift of gab’ and the confidence to go anywhere and try anything, but that’s not a guarantee of success in listing. Without the right things to say, an extrovert’s enthusiasm may not be enough to get a signature on a listing agreement.


Introverts have a different obstacle: Call Reluctance.  One agent said, “I knew what to say. I rehearsed it until I got it right every time. I just couldn’t stomach the idea of contacting strangers.”




it's always easier and faster to get off to a good start when agents have a good Listing Partner.


Getting trained and coached as a Team of Two partnership and going on their first listing appointments together is almost a guarantee of getting four to eight times more listings their first year than by working solo.


Four times more listings, after splitting the listing commission with their partner, has the end result of earning twice as much, and having twice the experience.  And a lot less stress.



The End Result For Your Company


By enrolling your agents in the Certified Listing Expert Coaching Program ...

  • Most new agents will thrive.
  • Agent attrition is minimized.
  • Low producers are energized.
  • Recruiting better agents gets easier.
  • Company share of listings-taken increases quickly.
  • Company gross income per agent increases substantially.




The probability of a company gaining increased market share as a result of enrolling it’s agents in the Certified Listing Expert program seems quite certain. Therefore, we feel it’s best to offer the Certified Listing Expert Program to only one of the larger real estate firms in each MLS area.

Having exclusive rights to the Program will aid your agents in competitive situations, and will aid your managers in their recruiting efforts.


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