A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.

 You could not begin to describe all that could be going on in this picture in a thousand words. Every place you look in another possible story, another place to start a conversation That's the power and benefit of pictures.



People make decisions based on what they see as well as what they hear. 

The Listing Solution Collection is a binder full of messages for starting and advancing conversations with listing prospects -- potential clients. The messages are available in digital format as well as print.

By building your Listing Presentation around a series of messages framed as pictures, your clients will get the whole picture faster than you can talk. 


Cards are grouped in ten sections.



Insert benefits here

 SWB       This is the first 'Good Place to Start' card. Use this to focus sellers on profit to be gained and               loss to be avoided.






Use this card to start a conversation about the seller's negotiating strength by pricing right at the beginning.







How to use The Listing Solution Collection to get a listing a week  --- every week!


Get Yourself Ready

  1. Learn the suggested language for each card.
  2. Practice until you are fluent and comfortable talking about every Card and the story it tells.
  3. Learn two cards a day for 60 days and you will be a Subject Matter Expert on every card.
  4. Showing the Listing Solution Collection case with the logo will make a definate, different, and good impression. Practice showing The Listing Solution Collection case and say, “Everything in this Listing Solution Collection is aimed at giving you a 95% chance to sell your property at 5% above average. May I show you something?” Pick a Card from the ‘A Good Place To Start’ group and use it as your starting point.


Get to Work

  1. Every Monday morning start calling By-Owners and/or Expireds until you have three appointments for that day or later in the week. If it takes more than six contacts to get three appointments, call the Institute for coaching.
  2. Before you get to each appointment, ask yourself, “What can I say and show to these sellers that will help them quickly understand that they have a 95% chance of selling at 5% above average if they do the right things?”
  3. At each appointment, make sure your seller knows that you are 100% convinced that your strategy will give them a 95% chance for above average results.
  4. Start a six-step “Drip-Call’ program on every By-Owner and Expired in your area and outside it as necessary.


The Listing Solution Collection is the solution to your sellers’ desires.

for the Most Money and the Quickest Sales. Show it proudly!











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