Where Agents Learn How to Get Their Sellers FULL VALUE.

In an ideal Boot Camp, you would meet with a group of agents at a designated learning center for several consecutive full days where you would see a demonstration of a specific Persuasive Message Card or a specific script/dialogue/technique for a few minutes, then pair off with another agent to memorize, practice, drill, and rehearse until reasonable fluent, then regroup for the next demo.

In this on-line Zoom setting, we will approximate that strategy, except that we will do this in 90 minute segments over ten days. That way, you will have time to make listing appointments and start the rapport building process with some new listing prospects each day and see how actual sellers react to the Persuasive Message Cards (you are going to be surprised). You will also see how sellers react when you are there as a Team of Two instead of all alone. (again, you are in for a surprise.)

The Ten Sessions are:

  • A Good Place to Start — Taking the Lead for the Listing Interview.
  • Sellers Win BIG — New Listing Presentation
  • Eight Good Reasons — Classic Listing Presentation
  • The For Sale By Owner Discussion — Why the Odds Are Against By-Owners
  • The Expired Listing Discussion
  • The Aim Above Average Conversation
  • The Compete Stronger Conversations
  • The Price Right in the First Place Strategies
  • The Offer the Right Commission Strategies
  • Your Secret Sauce and Miscellaneous Wild Card Selection

By the end of the boot camp, you will understand the true power of Persuasive Message Cards and how some agents get listings so easily.

You will also be ready to start your Certified Listing Expert Coaching Program.

Guarantee: Group and private coaching until you have Two Good Listings. (Extra Commissions $10,000+)

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you can’t see the Listing Boot Camp/ Persuasive Message Cards working for you, cancel by phone at the end of the first session and your monthly payment will be cancelled.