Listings In Four Minutes

$1,200.00 $444.00

  1. Instant Rapport
  2. Ninety Second Appointments
  3. Four Minute Listings

When you can say and do the right things, in the right way, you can have most motivated sellers agree to list in four minutes. 

Why spend hours, days and weeks to finally schedule a listing interview appointment when you can do it in 90 seconds?

Why spend days and weeks in building enough rapport and trust to have motivated sellers agree to list when you can do it in four minutes!?

Regular Price: $1,200.00
Special Price: $444.00… That’s 63% OFF! as a premier offer!
The purpose if this special Test Course is to see, after the initial training and practice session, how much additional training and coaching will be required to have have at least half of their listings appointments agree to list in four minutes.
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