Listing Soution Bundle

$75.00 / month for 12 months

The Listing Solution Bundle contains everything you need to teach and train yourself to become a Listing Expert.

And just so we are on the same page, our definition for “Listing Expert” is…

  1. An agent who can get a listing every week they want one,
  2. An agent who can list 75% of the motivate sellers where they obtain a listing interview appointment.
  3. 80% of the agent’s listings sell at above average prices.


The Listing Solution Bundle includes …

  1. A 12 month membership in the Listing Gym, where you can practice 300+expert-level language scripts on your own schedule 14/7.
  2. Ten List More Sell more audio CDs – now made available as MP3 files so you can listen to Jerry Bresser present all ten topics of his famous List More, Sell More system.
  3. A complete digital set of  approximately 140 hi-res Persuasive Message Cards that can be loaded on to your iPad or other brand tablet to give powerful visual support to key points of your listing presentations.
  4. A digital version of Jerry Bresser’s famous List More, Sell More book revised in 2021.

Investment: $75 per month for 12 months.


NOTE: The Listing Solution Bundle is included when you enroll in the Advanced Listing Boot Camp.


Brokers — increase your market share:

The Listing Solution Bundle contains everything you need to teach your new and low-performing agents to become Listing Experts.

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Elephant in the Room

There is an elephant in the room concerning the survival-rate of new and low performing real estate agents.

The elephant is the fact that, for over 165 years, right from the beginning of residential brokerage in 1855, 85% of new agents have failed to renew their licenses for their third year and … most brokers and managers accept this as normal.

Let’s begin by staring this elephant in the face and consider the reality that there is a way to reduce the huge failure rate.

The solution is Jerry Bresser’s  Listing Solution Bundle.

The Listing Solution Bundle gives agents all the words, phrases, and presentation they need to become Listing Experts, and … it gives them the incentive to memorize and practice every step of their listing presentations until they win well-priced and full-commissioned listings on 90% of their listing appointments.


If you, as a managing broker, or an office manager, make it a requirement that new agents are full time and must obtain a one year subscription to The Listing Solution Bundle, so they have a chance to become listing experts, you can have most of your new or low performing agents survive and thrive.


Call or text 586-805-4034 to schedule a private demonstration. See for yourself how you can have 65% of all new your agents or low producers start getting enough good listings to survive or to reach their bigger listing goals.