Advanced Listing Expert Boot Camp (1st Enrollment)

$75.00 / month for 12 months

The next Virtual Boot Camp Starts September 21, 2021.

New Boot Camp pricing is only $4,900 USD.

Payable at $75 monthly for 12 months plus 1 payment of $4,000 from commissions earned; due immediately on closing.

– This Boot Camp only –

save $500.


Your total investment is only $4,400. Monthly minimum is $75 for 12 months. A  final payment is $3,500 payable from any comissions earned after September 14, 2021.

  • Guarantee:  Private coaching until you have  two good listings worth twice the course fee in commissions when sold.
  • SPECIAL for agents who attended the March 2021 Advanced Listing Boot Camp — 50% discount on this course. Call Jerry or Howard for Code.
  • Place: Zoom Call
  • (Best watched on your computer in your office –  free of distractions.)  BONUS: Free printed copy of the revised List More, Sell More book by Jerry Bresser when you register for the Listing Boot Camp.
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A 60 day Course of instruction and workshops for agents who want to become Listing Experts averaging two or more listings every month.

The Advanced Listing Boot Camp now includes one-year membership in the Listing Gym where you can practice all the great Jerry Bresser Listing Language dialogues and Persuasive Message Cards any time, 24/7. It’s like having a practice partner or listing coach on call – anytime, day or night.

The Listing Gym will make it easier and faster to memorize all the important things you need to start getting listings on-demand.

90 minutes -Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, – for eight weeks. Each session is a 25% / 75% combination of instruction and practice.

By attending the Boot Camp  you will gain 5 years of experience in 60 days,

if you practice as suggested, you will soon have  Automatic Prepared Responses for every known stall and objection you are likely to encounter in the next five years.

You will develop instant recall of the exact right things to say for every listing occasion.

Magic Happen When You Practice Daily At The Listing Gym.

If you come to The Listing Gym one hour every day for 90  days, you will be  Fearless, Clear, Credible, Confident, and Ready for every residential listing opportunity situation.

Study and practice The Listing Gym flashcards on your own schedule.

Truly, you will gain 5 years of experience in just 90 days.

SUPPORT:  Guaranteed private and group coaching as needed until you have successfully obtained one listing at average local value or greater.


  • Daily instruction 4 days a week for 8 weeks. on Zoom.
  • One year membership in The Listing Gym- $244 Value.
  • PDF of Certified Listing Expert Language Book – $150 value
  • I digital download set of Digital Persuasive Message Cards – $400 value.
  • Set of ten CDs of recorded training (Sent as MP3 download) – $200 value.
  • 10 MP4 recordings demonstrating 130+ Persuasive Message Cards.
  • 1 pdf copy of List More, Sell More, – up-dated 2020.
  • 1 pdf copy of More Money In Your Pocket – Explains Sellers Win Big Strategy.
  • Weekly Private and group coaching until you have 2 good or more listings worth  $20,000 when sold.


By purchasing this course you agree to the Payment Terms shown above and below and understand that after the discount of $500, the total cost of the Listing Boot Camp is $4,400, which is paid for at $75 per month for 12 months, and a final payment of $3,500 due immediately when you receive your first commission.  When your commission checks are small, you agree to pay 35%  of such checks until the balance is paid in full.

If you do not have at least two good listings within two months, you agree to contact your designated coach for alternate listing strategies and to attend the Listing Gym and practice the recommended language.

You agree to send us a copy of your monthly trade sheets until we are paid in full. You agree that your broker has your permission to deduct the balance owed, up to 35% of your share of the gross commission, and forward that amount to us until the balance is paid in full.

So that we can help you best, until your balance is paid in full, you agree to call for suggested alternate listing strategies after any failed in-person attempt to list a qualified and motivated seller.  You agree to keep all scheduled appointments for private or group coaching and to practice the listing language agreed upon to the best of your abilities.

All amounts are in US Dollars.





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