• 01 May, 2020

Jerry Bresser Coaching - TWO TIP TUESDAYS WEEK # 3


Tip 1
When selling becomes a procedure, it ceases to be a problem.
If you want to have a predictably repeatable outcome (every listing appointment results in a well-priced and showable listing) you must have a predictably repeatable process.
If you want your double chocolate rum cakes to come out the same way every time, you follow a good recipe. Do the same for your listing interviews. Unless you currently list almost every listing prospect you contact, look closely at what you say, how you say it, when you say it. Make sure it is a proven pattern that is getting the consistent results you want.

Tip 2
List first, price second, commission third, stage fourth.
Any information that you have regarding the current value and likely selling price of any home is the product of your education, your experience, and your expertise.
Same thing regarding how much commission to offer and what kind of staging will bring the best results.
No seller has any right to that information for free. No seller has any right to that information until they agree to list with you. Stop advertising ‘Free CMA’, ‘Free Market Evaluation.’ Stop buying the appointment that way.
Your Listing Presentation can include the statement that you can help them select the right listing price, the right commission and the right staging, but does not include any details. You can do this. Thousands of successful, high producing listing agents do this.
Learn how to make your listing presentation first and get a commitment that you have the listing before you discuss the pricing, commission or staging in detail.

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