Since the beginning of residential real estate brokerage in 1855, the over 85% of real estate agents have failed within four years. The Single Greatest Reason for this large failure rate is that brokers have not taught, and agents have not learned, what to say to sellers to get good listings in all situations or occasions.

Sometime in 1968 I started researching, writing and teaching language to help real estate agents get more listings and serve their listing clients better.
What we bring to the market today is the accumulation of 52 years of research and constant improving. I sincerely believe that, with the right training, coaching, and leadership, my proprietary materials can be used by real estate brokers to build organizations where a core group of agents are not only highly successful at getting listings, but most importantly, highly successful at guiding their residential sellers to sell faster than average, at above average selling prices, and at full value.

I further believe that if a Franchise Brand, or the top Independent Brokerage Firms in each Metropolitan Statistical Market Areas in North America, were to make the Certified Listing Expert Coaching Program available to their agents, they could increase market shares dramatically and dynamically.

This is not just about making money for ourselves.

Consider the social and economic impact when 10,000 home owners get an extra $5,000 to $25,000 when they sell their residential properties. Consider the economic and social impact when a hundred brokers have 40% OR 50% of their new agents surviving instead of 90% failing, as is the case today. And consider the social and economic impact when 3,000 agents double their incomes.

I believe that, with the right leadership, the Listing Solution Institute has the potential to ultimately train and coach at least 750 agents each year, within three to four years.

To reach that training and coaching level, we need to persuade the largest independent brokers in 25 metropolitan areas to obtain an exclusive license to train 30 of their agents in Teams of Two.
Assuming that all 15 teams in each company complete 50 listings sold and closed in 18 months, each company would have served 750 listing clients. If those 750 sellers averaged 2% (of the 5% potential) above the average selling prices, those sellers would see an extra $6,000 each for a collective total of $4,500.000.

If LSI earns $900 per listing sold and closed, we would gross $45,000 per team, $405,000 per company and $10,125,000 from 25 companies.
There are 85 independent companies in the US and Canada who have enough agents to qualify as our prime prospects.
This is enough potential for LSI to be a great incentive to develop whatever it takes to reach this plateau.

Why this idea is doable and saleable.

Right now, agents everywhere are willing and eager to pay 25% or more for a good listing or buyer referral. We intend to sell the Certified Listing Expert Coaching Program for between 10% and 15% of the agents gross income on 50 listings that close. When they complete the program, they will have earned close to $200,000 instead of having $200,000 of student loan debt, as is the case for doctors and lawyers and some other professions.
First, however, we need to finish the new website, start running Listings in Four Minutes Courses, Persuasive Message Card Courses, and, of course, start getting some agents enrolled in the Certified Listing Expert Coaching program.

We also need to find the key people who have the forward vision to see the potential and have the ability to lead LSI, and find the investment money needed for expansion.

Right now, there are a lot of loose ends, such as registering the Listing Solution Institute as an LLC partnership and formally assigning it full world rights to market all the proprietary material that is owned by the Jerome K. Bresser & Jean W. Bresser Family Trust.

One big thing needed to make LSI the leading listing training school/institute/source in North America is to finish developing the Listing Skills Evaluation System, which I estimate will exceed $25,000.

Please accept this letter as my intention to give you the opportunity to ultimately earn a major share in ownership of The Listing Solution Institute, as we have previously discussed.

Jerry Bresser
D/B/A/Listing Solution Institute
33253 Fern Court,
New Haven, MI 48048