Advanced Stalls & Objections
December 2, 3 4, 2019
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Two Tip Tuesdays Week #24

Tip #1

Always ask for the listing, no matter what.

How many listings have you lost just because you didn’t ask?

Ok, the listing interview isn’t going your way. The sellers have too many questions, too many objections. You are afraid they might say no if you ask for the listing. Before you touch the door knob to leave, run this series of questions and answers through your mind: Where am I now? I don’t have the listing. What is the absolute worst thing that can happen if I ask for the listing right now? They could say no. Then where would I be? I wouldn’t have the listing. What do I have to lose by asking for the listing? Nada. 

Try something. Try anything. “Folks, we covered a lot of ground tonight and I understand you want to sell and want the most money, the quickest sale and the fewest problem. I can deliver what you want. Why don’t you let me get started right now?”


Tip #2

Memorizing Scripts

Memorizing scripts does not result in a canned pitch, but does result in a very flexible interview.

Think like a musician who knows a thousand songs and plays for three hours every night in a restaurant or lounge. Each song is memorized perfectly. That’s the source of the musician’s confidence and style. But the musician doesn’t play or sing all thousand songs in the same sequence every performance. Rather he or she selects different songs based on requests, makeup of the audience, the weather, etc., etc., etc. The more music the musician knows, the more options he or she has.

It’s the same for listing real estate; the more questions you can ask, the more points you can make, the more benefits you can present, the more flexible you can be.