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December 2, 3 4, 2019
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Obtaining an Exclusive License to use the Certified Listing Expert Program in your market area will give you the path to raise your position on the Real Trends annual Sides Per Agent Report to 20 or more in just a few years.
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Train With Jerry

Jerry Bresser began training real estate agents in the summer of 1967.

As he was showing about 20 agents in an office how to find  addresses when classified advertisements in the newspaper gave only phone numbers (remember, this was before Google was invented) an agent asked what to say when the door opened. Jerry said, “I don’t know. I am in the directory business. I know how to get you to the door. You should know what to say at the door.”
Intrigued by the question, he found a good answer and began sharing it whenever other agents asked him what to say when face-to- face with listing prospects.
That lead to a research project that initially lasted seven years and covered the United States and Canada from coast to coast. That research has never stopped.
Today, Jerry is indisputably the leading source of “what to say” scripts and techniques to make listing appointments, qualify sellers for motivation, make compelling listing presentations, get listing priced right, and all other aspects of getting listings.
In recent years Jerry focused on perfecting a new listing presentation that gives sellers a nearly perfect chance of selling faster than average and at 3% to 7% above average. Needless to say, that presentation, along with his new Presentation Cards, is giving agents a nearly perfect chance of getting a fast selling listing from almost every seller they contact.
Although in his eighties, Jerry still enjoys training real estate agents in the power of the saying the right things, in the right ways, and at the right times. Agents who intend to make serious careers in real estate are encouraged to enroll in any course instructed by Jerry.