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December 2, 3 4, 2019
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Obtaining an Exclusive License to use the Certified Listing Expert Program in your market area will give you the path to raise your position on the Real Trends annual Sides Per Agent Report to 20 or more in just a few years.
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The Listing Solution Collection 60 Day Guarantee


The Listing Solution Collection

60 Day Money Back Guarantee


The Listing Solution Collection is an advanced Visual Aid for conducting very effective Listing Interviews and winning well-priced listings that offer full or above-average commissions, and are staged above-average to give your sellers their best chances for the fastest sales and highest selling prices.

The Listing Solution Collection works.

Our goal is to help you make it work for you as quickly as possible.

It is our sincere belief that you should quickly start averaging four good listings from every five appointments.

Our Guarantee

If you cannot get at least one good listing from five (5) listing appointments,

you may return the Listing Solution Collection in good condition

and your money will be refunded in full.


Instructions and Guarantee Terms

  1. Your 60 day test period starts one week after you receive the program. Study the Cards and Language at least two hours a day for the first week. You don’t have to be perfect. See more below.
  2. You agree to present some Cards (not the whole Collection) to at least four (4) motivated listing prospects in 8 weeks (60 days).
    1. Show The Listing Solution Collection Case and tell your sellers the case contains all the advice, ideas, and strategies they need to give themselves a 95% chance of selling at 5% above average and do they want to see inside?
    2. Show at least the ‘$10,000 Extra’ set of Conversation Cards.
  3. You agree to keep a log of addresses and first names of prospective sellers.
  4. You agree keep record of cards presented to each prospect.
  5. You agree to call Support if you can’t get a listing after your 2nd  attempt.
  6. You agree to call Support if you can’t get a listing after your 3rd attempt.
  7. We agree to give you a full refund if you cannot get a listing after your 4th attempt.*
  8. To activate the refund, you agree to contact us by phone and return the Listing Solution Collection in good condition in the original shipping box or well protected alternate.
  9. We reserve right to charge a restocking fee if case is damaged or Presentation Cards are missing.

Tips For a Fast Start

Learn as much as you can for one week and immediately start seeing motivated sellers. The Presentation Cards will act like a tele-prompter. If or when you get stuck and can’t think of what to say, just say “Let me show you something” and search through the Presentation Cards until something strikes you. It’s amazing how well that works.

Two very important reason to start calling prospect within a week of getting your Listing Solution Collection:

  1. Sellers will never know what you didn’t show and say; only what you did show and say.
  2. The listing prospects that are out there today may not be there when you are ready a month from now. You have nothing to lose by doing your best (after you initial week of training). If you don’t get the listing,you at least have the experience (hugely valuable) and something to discuss when you call Support.