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December 2, 3 4, 2019
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More Money In Your Pocket – Synopsis


 More Money In Your Pocket is a book for home owners who want the best chance to sell their homes faster than average and at above average prices.

By Owner vs. Agent Assisted

Just like in Las Vegas, a few people win; most lose. A recent 18 month study of 1,300,000 residential sales in the United States showed that the 200,000 sales By-Owner sold for 6% less than the 1,100,000 Agent Assisted sales. Annual surveys by the National Association of Realtors constantly show a difference of more than 8% in selling prices between agent assisted and by-owners. Therefore, statistically, home owners who sell directly to a buyer in order to save the commission do, in fact, save the commission, but not for themselves. Because they reduced the price of their properties by 6%, they actually gave the entire savings to the buyers.  Chapter 7 presents logic and statistics everyone considering selling privately should know and consider carefully.

To get above average results, you have four very important steps to take.

First, you need to select the right agent.  Not all agents are the same. You need a sellers’ agent who specializes in helping sellers get faster than average sales at above average prices. Ask prospective agents to explain their strategies.

Second, with your agent, discuss and select the right listing price.

There are five pricing choices. There is a ‘sell today’, a ‘sell fast’, a ‘sell at highest value’, a ‘sell slow’, and a ‘never sell at that price’ price.

The right agent will guide you to the listing price that gives you the best chance to sell quickly at the highest value.

Third, with your agent, discuss and select the right commission.

Commission is not an expense; it’s a marketing tool. Since buyers pay more when they buy through real estate agents, even though the commission is collected from the sellers, the buyers actually pay the commission.

Here are two important statistics most sellers seldom consider.

One: There are about eighty active agents in an average size marketing area. That means there is a 79:1 chance that the buyer for your home will be found by an agent other than your listing agent. You want that for maximum exposure.
Two: When you divide the number of homes for sale in your city or town by the number of buyers who bought a home the previous week, you will find the number of choices each buyer had.

The national average in the US and Canada for the last thirty five years is 33. Everyone who bought a house last week had, on average, 33 choices.

Here’s how those two statistics affect you right now.

Many buyers rely on their buyers’ agent to find suitable homes at reasonable prices. Those agents have an average of 33 choices. No agent wants to subject their clients to that many showings so they make selections. Most buyers don’t want to preview 33 homes either.

Most real estate agents shy away from showing overpriced homes and they shy away from showing listings that offer below average commissions.

Where does that lead us? There is a ‘below average’ commission that repels agents, an ‘average’ commission that leaves you getting just average results, and an ‘above average’ commission that attracts agents and causes more and better showings.

The right agent will guide you to the right commission for the current market conditions in your area.  The right commission attracts more agents and more showings. More showings almost always results in more and higher offers. A higher offer puts more money in your pocket at closing.

Fourth, with your agent discuss the advantages of staging your home for above average showability.

Staging prepares a home for the expectations of the next owners. The goal is to get more prospective buyers thinking “This would be a great place for us.”

Statistics show that a $400 investment in well done staging brings an average increase in the selling price of $2,500. That’s a bit more than a 600% return on investment.

Conclusion: Whenever a seller considers the impact of these four steps and makes these four decisions correctly they give themselves the best chance to sell their home faster than average and at above average prices.

More Money, Quicker Sales, Fewer Problems. What a concept!

Please make the time to read this book carefully. You will be glad you did.



Jerry Bresser

P.S. The agent who provided this book to you is most likely the right agent for you. Please afford them the fullest opportunity to prove their value to you.

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