Aim Above Average Success Reports



When you offer sellers the
Aim Above Average Listing Strategy Option, they will choose it.


Here are some Above Average Success Reports.


Brighton, MI: 82 listings secured in 12 months; – all residential listings sold in 1/3 to 1/2 the average days-on-market; all sellers received more money at closing, mostly from $2,500 to $25,000.

Calgary, AB: Sold in 5 days, $10,000 over asking.

Edgewood, KY: Sold 3 homes 1 week each, all 99% of asking.

Holland, MI: Sold in one week, $35,000 over previous offer.

Lexington, KY: Sold in one week, $15,000 over asking.

Oshawa, ON: Sold in 4 days, $6,000 over highest recent sale.

Plymouth, MI: Sold in 6 days, $15,000 over asking.

Saskatoon, SK: Sold in 2 days, $4,000 over asking.

Sewell, NJ: Sold in 1 week for $5,000 over asking price.

Shrewsbury, MA: Sold in 2 days, $20,600 over asking.

Tonawanda, NY: Sold two in 2 weeks, both above asking.

Toronto, ON: Sold in 2 weeks, $42,000 over asking.

Vaughan, ON: Sold in 4 days, $83,100 over asking.


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