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December 2, 3 4, 2019
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Obtaining an Exclusive License to use the Certified Listing Expert Program in your market area will give you the path to raise your position on the Real Trends annual Sides Per Agent Report to 20 or more in just a few years.
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Aim Above Average Coaching

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 The Listing Solution Course is a pre-requisite for the Aim Above Average Coaching program.
Your investment for one full year of weekly coaching is 10% of each commission as you get paid up to a cap of $12,800. We get paid as you get paid.

Pay-As-You-Earn means that for us to get paid in full for your coaching, you have to earn $128,000.

That gives us a big incentive to help you List More, Sell More, Earn More. All we require is that you are full time and are willing to work at the business of listing real estate full time.


Listing Skills – ‘What To Say’ Coaching

The Problems

The single greatest reason why new agents fail is that they do not learn what to say fast enough to survive.

And the single greatest reason why experienced agents cannot reach the higher production and earnings goals they desire is that they do not know the extra things to say and do to list more, sell faster, earn more, and still have time for a personal or family life.

The Solutions

When agents can say the right things, in the right way, and at the right time, it is far easier to secure good listing appointments with motivated sellers and it is far easier and faster to convert listing leads to listing clients.

Jerry Bresser has been training real estate agents on ‘what to say’ for over 40 years. His first book “List More, Sell More” was described as “The most effective listing and selling strategy in North America.”

His “Advanced Listing Course” is often cited as “The reason I am in real estate today” by veteran agents enjoying great careers. And his new Aim Above Average™ Strategy and Presentations are getting agents even faster listings and faster sales.

Get Focused – Stay Focused

To reach the skill levels needed for higher and more consistent listing production and earnings, you need to get focused and stay focused on what to say to make things (listings) happen. That is the main reason why top producers engage personal trainers and coaches. Our Aim Above Average Coaching Program starts with your attendance at an Aim Above Average Course. This Course meets for three consecutive classroom days from 9am to 5pm. More than half the time is spent learning and practicing the best words and scripts to convince sellers to list with you … at the right price … with an above average commission … and with above average staging. You leave ready to make a reasonably effective listing presentation to your very next prospect.

How Good Do You Want To Get?

The average (majority of) agents don’t take selling lessons. They ‘wing it’ at each listing interview. The scientific community would say they are ‘unconsciously incompetent’; they don’t know what they don’t know.

Better agents take some selling lessons and become reasonably good at making consistent listing presentations. They practice until they get it reasonably right. They know what to say and how to say it reasonably well. They are ‘consciously competent.’

Get It Right vs. Can’t Get It Wrong

The best agents – consistent winners and top performers – get a coach and practice until they can’t get it wrong, until ‘what to say’ and ‘how to say, become instinctive reactions. They are ‘unconsciously competent’ or ‘automatically competent.’

By taking the Aim Above Average Course you will soon become an above-average agent. By enrolling in the Aim Above Average Coaching Program you will quickly become a well-above-average agent earning well-above-average commissions and enjoying a fuller and more rewarding life.

With the Aim Above Average Coaching Program you get …
The Aim Above Average™ Listing Course
Twelve months of weekly one-on-one coaching with Jerry Bresser
A e-book copy of Jerry's famous "List More, Sell More" book
Two copies of Jerry's new book, "More Money In Your Pocket"
One set of Aim Above Average™ Presentation Cards
All courses offered by Jerry Bresser are N/C


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