Advanced Stalls & Objections
December 2, 3 4, 2019
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Advanced Stalls & Objections Course

Advanced Stalls & Objections Course

Jerry Bresser and Paul Mitchell

Stop Losing.

Start Winning!

Advanced Stalls & Objections Course

This Course will be co-presented by Paul Mitchell and Jerry Bresser

Paul Mitchell a/k/a Jerry Bresser Jr.

In his first year, Paul rang the doorbell at 43 For-Sale-By-Owner addresses and got in the house in less than one minute. He walked away with 42 listings, all on the first call. In his best year, Paul listed 336 houses.

Attend this course and let Paul inspire you on how to become a terrific listing agent.

More commissions are lost due to stalls and objections,

real or imagined, by
listing prospects, than for any other cause.

If you are losing listings

to Zillow, FSBO Web sites, flat fee or posting only companies, or agents offering
discounts, or any of 40+ stalls or objections when you call or contact a listing lead …

You Need To Register Now For Our

Advanced Stalls & Objections Course

You can’t prevent people from asking questions, stalling, or objecting.

But, You Can Be Prepared.

The agents who have the best reactions and responses to stalls and objections
will enjoy the most listings and the most rewarding careers.


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Here are some of the Stalls and Objections to which you will
get great responses and answers:

1. We intend to sell privately.
2. I don’t need a real estate agent. The market is hot.
3. You can see the house, but I’m not listing.
4. Why should I list with you instead of selling privately?
5. We are getting lots of calls from buyers.
6. I can’t afford a commission. I need all the money I can get.
7. If I can’t sell it myself, I will list with a friend.
8. Do you have a buyer?
9. Why didn’t you show my house when it was listed?
10. We are taking our home off the market for a while.
11. (Angry, Frustrated, Skeptical)
12. Thanks, but I have a Realtor in mind.
13. Thanks, but I am going to sell my house myself.
14. I won’t be ready for a few months. Call me then.
15. What do you think my house is worth?
16. I ‘m asking (15%. 20% too high).
17. Seller wants to start high to leave negotiating room.
18. You just want my listing so you can make a commission.
19. Why is your commission so high?
20. What is your fee?
21. I will pay a 3% commission.
22. Will you discount your commission?
23. My Friend/Neighbor/Relative is a real estate agent.
24. Why should I list with you instead of someone else?
25. You agents are all the same.
26. You are not the only good agent around.
27. I’m just not sure.
28. Seller says you’re too pushy /persistent.
29. (Sellers balk at price, commission, repairs, decluttering)
30. Another agent told me they might have a buyer.
31. I have an appointment with another agent.
32. I’ll give you a 30 day listing.
33. How long have you been in real estate?
34. We want to interview other agents
35. Sellers are reluctant to detail and stage the house for maximum showability.
36. Seller wants to counter or reject a reasonable offer.
37. I want to think it over
38. We need to talk to (Mom, Dad, Uncle, CPA, Attorney, etc.)
39. One partner has just said: “We’ll talk it over and let you know.”
40. One partner is out of town.
41. We want to sleep on it.
42. (Seller hesitates to list but doesn’t give a reason.)

If you have any other objections you would like the proper response to just email
them to JerryBresser@TheListingSolutionInstitute.com before the course starts.

Course: Advanced Stalls & Objections Course

Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Dec. 3rd, 4th, 5th)

Times: 11:00am – 12:30 pm EST

Investment in your future
One person: $150
Team of two: $250 per team
Group Rate – Ten or more: $90 each


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