Advanced Stalls & Objections
December 2, 3 4, 2019
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Obtaining an Exclusive License to use the Certified Listing Expert Program in your market area will give you the path to raise your position on the Real Trends annual Sides Per Agent Report to 20 or more in just a few years.
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The Advanced Listing Strategies Course

Are You Having Trouble Earning The Income You Desire?

If you are not earning the income you desire, you may not be saying enough of the right things…in the right way…at the right time. You can fix that right now.

Our Solution

Learn what to say for every situation.
Prospecting for listing appointments will be easier and faster. Instead of dreading it, you will look forward to it.
You will know what to say to get listings priced right and staged right.
You will know how to win against competition offering low commissions or flat fees.
You will have the confidence to tackle the toughest competition and the toughest listing prospects.
You will have the confidence to set much higher listing and earning goals.
That’s why over 3,000 agents earned $1 million in commissions in 8 years or less after attending our training. You can too!

Course  Content.

  • Prospecting. Our 45 proven and effective techniques will provide you with all the listing leads and appointments you will need to increase your listing production by 10 to 50 a year. You will learn how to get more appointments with fewer calls and in less time.

“I love prospecting. Your techniques make it easy and fun!”  Mark S.

  • How to Get Instant Rapport, Instant Credibility, and Instant Professional Control. These terrific new techniques will give you instant credibility as someone who has effective strategies for getting homes sold faster and for above average prices. You will really, really, really like these techniques. NEW! A powerful new way to break through the anger and skepticism of EXPIREES and list them quickly at the right prices, the right commissions and the right staging!

I can’t believe the change! I get instant respect. Prospects actually listen to what I say and I get the listings!” Debbie F.

  • Qualifying Listing Prospects for Motivation. Our famous four step sequence will help you discover each seller’s true motivation. In four minutes you will know two important things: do you want the listing and can you get it.
  • Listing Presentation #1: Eight Good Reasons. 23 key techniques. Use this presentation to answering a key question in every sellers mind: what makes you different and superior to your competition. When you get an appointment, you are in the game. When you get the listing, you win the game!

“I got a listing every week for seven years using this presentation.” John S.

  • Listing Presentation #2: Aim Above Average. Use this three-step strategy to give your seller a 95% chance to sell in half the average time and a 95% chance to sell at 5% above average.

“I listed 82 properties in 12 months using this great strategy. Half the listing sold at asking and the other half sold above asking. Sellers all got between $2,500 and $25,000 extra at closing. All listings were at 7%.”  Michael S.

  • Pricing Presentation. 43 great techniques. This presentation and these techniques will help you convince sellers to price right at the beginning and get reductions when needed. You will sell your listings faster and virtually eliminate expired listings.

“You gave me the confidence to guide the sellers to the right price. Listed on Friday and sold by Wednesday.” James W.

  • Commission Techniques. Over 40 terrific and proven techniques to convince sellers to pay full and bonus commissions. You will like these … and the extra income you will earn on every listing taken.

“I have been getting an extra 1½ commission on every listing (over 100)  since learning these techniques.” Jay B.

  • For Sale By-Owner Presentation. 14 key points to convince sellers not to sell privately. Hundreds of agents average a listing every week from this presentation.

I got four listings last week. All Fisbos. Three in one day and one another day. All priced right with full commissions.” Jordan B.

  • Statistics Presentation & Techniques. Set yourself apart from the competition. Present local statistics with this process and watch prospect after prospect give you the listing.
  • Center of Influence Presentation. 10 key items. The key to a great career is referrals. You can use this presentation to build your referral base quickly.

“I got just over 50 transactions my first year using this presentation.” Catherine M.

  • Referral and Repeat Business Techniques. Every seller knows someone who is or will be selling or buying. With these techniques, you can get their promise to bring you one or two good referrals before you close the sale on their listing.
  • Pre-close and Closing Techniques. 22 great ways to ask for the listing. Learn our Pre-closing Test Questions and Closing Techniques and see how easy it becomes to get signatures on your listing agreements.

“I like these pre-closes. They take all the stress out of the entire listing process.” Allan E.

  • Stalls & Objection Techniques. These 15 proven techniques will prepare you for virtually every stall, indecision, question or objection you will ever encounter. You will have the right response. You will get almost every listing.
  • Negotiating for the Seller. A three-step procedure to convince sellers you are an above-average negotiator plus 8 proven techniques to get sellers to accept reasonable offers. Great for getting offers accepted. Great for convincing Expired to list with you.

“With these techniques I have won in all my competitive listing situations — and I get all my listings at 8%.” Paul S.

  •  Staging PresentationYour sellers will quickly understand why the right staging gets faster sales and more money in their pockets.  So powerful it’s worth the cost of the entire program! Make this presentation and your listing prospects will definitely see you as different and better than every other agent they interview. You WILL get more and better listings!

“[Seller’s] house was on the market for 8 months. Took the listing, staged it correctly and sold it in 10 days above the list price!” Dane H.


Material included

Presentation cards for both presentations

Presentation card printed scripts

Language book of prospecting, qualifying, etc

Templates for post cards and letters

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Presented in person by Jerry Bresser. Register early!


More good reasons to take our Advanced Listing Strategies Course right now.

“Got 7 listings in 7 weeks. One was a Perfect Listing from a FSBO on the first call!”
● “Got listing last week before giving price!”
● “The more you know the language it becomes conversational. It is a superior system.”
● “Every time I give the presentation I get stronger and more  convincing.”
● “Listed an expired;  sold it in 24 hours. Exciting!”
● “Got another listing lead from duty call, booked appointment for afternoon, could have signed by end of tour except didn’t have CMA so have to go back today.”
● “Getting Incentive Commission Listings every time!”
● “Got FSBO listed in one hour on a cold call.  And it’s priced right, bonus commission and staged above average.”
● “Got five By-Owners listed in two days. Before this course and coaching I never knew what to say to try.”
“Had 7 closing last month. Two were By-Owners I wouldn’t have had without this training.”
● “Called on expired; Used your pricing presentation and listed at $8k reduction; Then used commission presentation  and got 7 % and an extra 3 months on the listing.”


You can do the same. Just get started.


To enroll please call 586.749.8617.


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