Since 1975 Jerry has been the GURU of faster sales and higher selling prices.

     Above-Average sales agents get their sellers above average results.

Above Average Results means faster than average sales and above average selling prices. It means your sellers see an extra  $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or more in their settlements checks at closing.

It’s not rocket science. Sellers will accept average results, and they will even reluctantly accept lower than average results, but you become their hero when you can guide them to the listing price, commission and staging that will bring them a faster than average sales and above average offers. They will thank you and refer you when they see an extra pile of money in their settlement checks.


Words matter! As salespeople, we get paid for what we say. The right words can add $100,000 to your annual income.

When you can say the right things in the right way at the right time, you will get more appointments from fewer calls, come away with more listings and more listings priced right. That is where Jerry Bresser’s training and coaching techniques come in. His mission is to help  as many real estate agents as possible to earn $1 million in 8 years or less. Over 3,000 agents have done it so far, and so can you.

Invest in yourself and you will reap the reward.

A Toronto agent was trying to list by-owners. It took him ten calls to get one appointment, five appointments to get one listing, and three listings to get one to sell. Do the math. It took him 150 calls to get one commission. Since the commission was about $4,000, that meant he earned $26.67 for every call.

Six months after taking one of our online training courses, he improved to six appointments, five listings and four sales from every ten calls. That is four pay checks! The commissions averaged $4,000 for a total income of $16,000, meaning his every call was worth $1,600!

Considering the $395 he spent for the course, he made his return on investment after just one commission.
One company required all agents to get trained by Jerry Bresser. They grew from 10 agents to 83 agents. The per-year transaction average increased from 10 to 33 per agent. Over 75% of the agents they recruited survived for 15 years! That’s a whole lot better than the NAR report that 83% of new agents do not survive 3 years.

Proven and Perfected Techniques

Jerry Bresser has been developing award-winning techniques and presentations for real estate agents since 1971. His time proven training systems are the result of years of research where Jerry crisscrossed the United States and Canada, asking over 2,000 top agents what they said to be successful. His research lead to over 250 of the most effective and useful techniques in the industry.

This research approach is what makes Jerry Bresser’s training and coaching different and better. While most speakers and trainers teach what they used themselves, Jerry teaches what the most successful agents used to become top agents in their companies, boards and associations. This is why Jerry has been rated as one of the best real estate trainers in North America since 1971.

Individual agent training or brokerage firm group training.

If you are an agent and desire to improve your listing and selling abilities, or a broker and desire to build your brokerage with more productive agents, this website offers you a variety of ways to train. Click on one of the links below to learn more.

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