Two Tip Tuesday Week #2

Tip #1

“Do I want this listing? Can I get this listing?”

When meeting a listing prospect for the first time, it’s best when your own mindset is asking: “Do I want this listing? Can I get this listing?”

Not all business is good business. If the sellers are not motivated, not logical, or extremely unfriendly or rude, why do you want the listing?

If they just want your selling strategies or pricing information and intend to list with a friend or relative, why should you be the victim?

Your goal is to discover the answers within the first five minutes.

Don’t want it … can’t get it … get out quick!



Tip #2

Is this listing prospect motivated to sell?

One way to measure a potential listing prospect’s motivation is to ask, “What happens if this home does not sell on a timely basis; what are you going to do?”  If a listing prospect has little motivation, is just ‘testing the market’, and insists on listing 10% over the market, why would you want the listing?

On the other hand, most sellers are motivated to some degree. By asking what happens if the home does not sell by their deadline, you cause the sellers to consider the consequences of the home not selling.